Auriane, come on! You have to marry Thomas now ;) He’s your hero! Be happy!

1Daily Picdump [Visitor

Hi there :)
So two pictures have a story :)

2011_1 is a night shoot of Orion from Australia ( it is Up side Down :) )

2Daily Picdump [Visitor

2011_2 is a picture of a last concert of a Croatian rock group RAMIREZ held in Zagreb

3Daily Picdump [Visitor

Wishing you all the best in 2012 and keep up the great job you are doing!!!
Love You Izismile :)


Sent by Emir Memic
“Greetings from Bosina and Herzegovina.”

4Daily Picdump [Visitor
5Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Dmitriy Kosmov
“Meanwhile in Ukraine”

6Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by ISA S.A.
“…the best of 2011.
Happy new year friends of Izismile….thxs from Hermosillo Mx”

7Daily Picdump [Visitor

“2011 photo”

8Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Pat

9Daily Picdump [Visitor
10Daily Picdump [Visitor


“Hey Izi folks

2011 was not a very good year for me. Hoping 2012 will be better.
The Grim Reaper Dude all most caught up with me while I was working in the South China sea. However, after back tracking through the Borneo jungles (Miri, Sarawak) and a modern air ambulance trip to Singapore, the trail has grown cold.
I haD been enjoying the ICU life style for too long but the silver lining is I have stop smoking cigarettes! This will be a major mile stone in my life. In addition, they have only given me “diet style” food. So the pounds are shedding at a pretty good clip!
I have attached the photo”
11Daily Picdump [Visitor

Greatings from Stefan from holland

12Daily Picdump [Visitor
13Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Lucas Noote
“a shot to describe 2011?

14Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Mary Katherine Lawson
“summer solstice at stonehenge”

15Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Dustin McIntosh
“I see no changes; all I see is racist faces. Misplaced hate makes disgrace to races.” ~Tupac Shakur

16Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Bboy Monkey
“Obama playing ping pong while thousands are suffering on Iraq.”

17Daily Picdump [Visitor
18Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Richard
“Just another day at work.”

19Daily Picdump [Visitor
20Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Karla Polanco
“[ I don't want to set the world on fire, I just want to start a flame .~]“

21Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Haytham Smadi
“The Dubai Mall, the Address hotel and the Old town as seen from BurjKhalifa, Dubai the UAE.”

22Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Bojan Zadravec

23Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Krzysztof

24Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Ezio
“My daughter Niky and her …brother Glauco”

25Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Christoph Burseg
“Sad little Tiger!”

26Daily Picdump [Visitor

“Funny Woman with 3 Hats”

27Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Leszek Rogalski
“New Years pic”

28Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Ordoflicobaldius
“describe the year of 2011 the best.

1. the revolution of the smartphones (and how they are not being used for productivity )”

29Daily Picdump [Visitor

“2. the revolution against the governments (Arab spring)”

30Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Cavaler al norocului
“Hi Izismile, My name is Marius and this is my baby boy. He is 3 and a half months old and he was born on my birthday. His birth was ,for me, the happyest moment of the year 2011. A new beginning and a hope for the future.”

31Daily Picdump [Visitor
32Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Fred
“Sad traffic cone protected by friends”

33Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Gundeep Bra
“My Best Pictures of 2011?

34Daily Picdump [Visitor
35Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Gabika Rolencikova

36Daily Picdump [Visitor
37Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by mohamed hussein

38Daily Picdump [Visitor
39Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by luis garrido

40Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Bill Clanahan
“I took both of these pictures here in my home town”

41Daily Picdump [Visitor
42Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Ulric cc
“Thank you Izi for all the fun you bring to us !
Happy new year :)

43Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by agokulk
Hope you like it.”

44Daily Picdump [Visitor
45Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Cathy P

46Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by piticu didi
“mostly the activities i`ve been doing for the year :D

47Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Travis Couremanche

48Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by J Wood
“Describing the year 2011.”

49Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Dan Bremehr
“Thanks for all the entertainment! here’s my year.”

50Daily Picdump [Visitor
51Daily Picdump [Visitor
52Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by xoxo—Mark—xoxo

53Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by kahuna2232
“Best of 2011.
Aging space shuttle program comes to an end.”

54Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Gwen yop
“snail powa :)

55Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by unknown visitor
“Raider Nation”

56Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by unknown visitor
“Emo girl”

57Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by unknown visitor
“Northampton UK”

58Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Neonemerld
“Messing with Cleverbot.”

59Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Prem (Viper)
“The florist meant good flowers, i guess.”

60Daily Picdump [Visitor

“It need fuel too.”

61Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by winkybird

62Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by jenkxoxox
“funny txt. talking about juggalos”

63Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by demierre
“Ridiculous phone cameras resolution”

64Daily Picdump [Visitor

Sent by Charles Schott

65Daily Picdump [Visitor
66Daily Picdump [Visitor


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